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We exist to unite all hands around one table, and enable them to be champions of the consumer and guardians of their brands.

Our Company

We are a global yet boutique consultancy and training company. We bake creative strategies with bespoke recipes.

In a world full of disconnected counterparts, cookie-cutter communication, and consumers that are increasingly indifferent to brands, we exist to unite all hands around one table and enable them to be champions of the consumer and guardians of their brands.

When you work with Idea Bakery you will experience logical processes with magical outcomes that will make you feel excited to start your brand’s journey.

We are headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. We bake ideas across continents, from Sao Paolo to Tokyo to London.

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Our Beliefs & Values

We believe a brand with a well-baked strategy can change the world, therefore we value transformation.

We believe people make better decisions when they’re having fun, therefore we value playfulness.

We believe the proof of the pudding is in the eating, therefore we value craftsmanship.

We believe only simple is digestible, therefore we value simplicity.

We believe that no creative talent should go wasted, as creativity is the key ingredient to bake the winning dishes of tomorrow, therefore we value people.

Our Difference

We are different because we are:

Artisans: We craft solutions with equal portions of creative and strategic thinking

Specialists: We only do strategy, that's why we are really good at it

Former Brand Leaders: We've been in your shoes before with min. 15+ years experience in blue-chip companies across geographies

Respected: We are teachers & preachers at the best brand festivals and forums

Impartial & Independent: We answer only to the consumer in service of your brand

Actionable: We only serve what can be digested, no endless reports that get forgotten in the back of a cabinet


We Are Trusted

  • We have partnered with Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity, as Serfi has been appointed the Dean of the Roger Hatchuel Student Academy for 3 years. Previously, we trained at The Brand Marketers Academy and CMO Accelerator Programme, for 4 years in a row with Jim Stengel, former CMO of P&G.
  • We are proud to be keynote speakers and jury members at the most prestigious marketing events around the world from Euro Effies to Dubai Lynx to Spikes Asia.

Our Partners

Consumer Trend Partner

Through our content partnership with Trendwatching, the biggest platform of consumer trends in the world, we enable our clients to stay ahead of time, build brands that matter, products that delight and campaigns people can’t
stop talking about.


Content Partner

Through our strategic partnership with Warc, the global marketing information platform, we build knowledge through the most trusted research, case studies, best practices, data, and inspiration.


Co-Creation Partner

Through our strategic partnership with Eyeka, ‘the co-creation community’, we connect 380.000 creatives in 175 countries with brand builders. The Eyeka community solves business problems through idea, concept, design, product, positioning, experience and communication development.


Automotive Consultancy Partner

Through our strategic partnership with EFS, a bluechip Automotive Consultancy Company operating in the Americas, Asia and Europe, we bake brand positionings for the world’s leading car brands, taking our expertise to China, Russia and the rest of the world